Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shuttin' Her Down

Tonight I sent the family scattering like mice from the table when I started throwing up. At this point you are saying to yourself "now wait a minute....aren't you about done with this pregnancy? Haven't you been puking the WHOLE FREAKING TIME?" to which I answer, with a very sour look on my face "YES."
These last two weeks have been brutal in the barfing/nausea department. It stresses me out for labor and what that will be like if I'm throwing up the whole time. Last week I charted the largest amount of weight I have gained in one week since this whole thing started. And then today when I went in I had lost weight. Not a big surprise since I can't eat or keep food down.

The update is that Rex is not making much progress. Despite the contstant contractions and the fact that he is so low every step is painful...I am still only dilated to a one. And when they check him his little head floats up so he is not staying engaged. I am grateful that I scheduled this induction for next week, not only because poor little guy can't seem to make progress where he is supposed to in there but also because the Dr. I had to see today has guesstimated that Rex is going to be 9 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my son is a HUGE baby with no sense of direction and needs this induction to get him out before he comes walking out asking for a steak and baked potato in his bottle!!

This last week in particular has been quite painful...I don't know how many times I have uttered the phrase "I can't do this"....not just in the last week but in the last 7 months. I am almost there but it seems like this mirage in the desert that I'm reaching for and can't quite get to it.

I am now going to be officially shuttin' her down until after his arrival. I would love any extra well wishes and whatnot sent my way while I just buckle down and wait for the 24th to arrive. And seriously if they bump me on the 24th due to emergencies look for me on the news to be strapped to the front door of the hospital refusing to move until someone extracts my son!!! HA HA HA HA

Thanks for listening to me for all these months and for the encouragement and comments that have made me laugh and smile. See you in a few weeks :)


Annemarie said...

YAY!! You're almost DONE!!! You can do it...you can do it. Rex, Rex, Rex...go easy on your mom, man, she could use a little break here.
How does a HOT jacuzzi, sucking down castor oil & spicey salsa sound??? Labor inducing, perhaps?

Nessa said...

I want to tell you YOU CAN DO THIS, you are a strong and capable and beautiful woman! But if that's just going to make it worse, well, then I'll tell you I'll be waiting with a nice dry martini and an ear open for bitching whenever you're ready!
Love you, best of wishes, feel free to dump those lovely little girls on me anytime.

Georgia said...

If it helps I always lose weight right before I go into labour... :)

Can't wait to see you back here in a few weeks with a new little one!

Bella Marie Design & Photography said...

Hey Susan, I found you yeah!!!!!! I love your sense of humor girl, you make me laugh so hard. Call me sometime, or email me. We need to catch up!


AnneMarie said...

UGHHHH. I'm sooo sorryyyy. The last two weeks are HELL. I hear ya sis. Take the day off, go get a pedi and we will all hold a prayer circle for Rex to show up tonight!

Megan said...

oh my gosh! it's coming - hold on!

I'll be watching your blog for the announcement of his arrival!

come on REX!

Callisters said...

Hang in there (easier said then done!), oh how all of us moms who read this are feeling for you. Now the funny thing is it doesn't take long to forget how horrible of an experience it was, how sick we were, how bad it hurt, etc. Because we keep doing it! Good Luck, I can't wait to here the good news with little Rex-oh boys are so much fun!!

stinkypeteandcompany said...

I'm so thinking of you my gal-o!
Thinking and watching anxiously for the newest petite!

I hate that it's been so hard :(

lots of support and good thoughts your way.

Ronda said...

My poor little pukey friend. Hang in there you are nearing the finish line!
I will be watching your blog closely. I can't wait until Rex's arrival.:)

Wright said...

Oh, you will be soooo relieved to have this be done. I am so proud of you. You must be close to delivery, I puked more as it approached as well. I can't wait to meet this little guy that's made his mommy SO sick! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!!!!!!

stinkypeteandcompany said...

thinking of you and hoping all is well and peaceful on the poulet front.

Mike and Joy said...

I really hope he is here! ;) I am waiting to see all those scruchy, foldy, newborn pics!!!