Friday, August 29, 2008

A Passion for Fashion and Photography!

It is the rare occasion that I feel like doing a photoshoot so how much fun was this beautiful Saturday morning that Kristen and I took our girls out so that I could take pictures of them sporting their funky new clothes!
Kristen and I are in love with Matilda Jane Clothing ( That love turned into a full fledged passion for Kristen who put together a trunk show that I am going to co host with her on September 6th. I could seriously buy every piece in their line and be hap hap happy!! They even have womens clothing that is fantastic.
I sent out a few emails to friends and mommies with girls! If anybody else would like the trunk show info let me know and I'll email you :)
When I have a great day like this one it makes it soooooooooooooo hard to turn down clients for photos.
There are moments I think "should I go back and take pictures again?!?!?!" But then I look at my sweet baby boy and my girls and how much time it will take away from them and I know I can't do that.
What would Barry Manilow do?? *see last post for this reference hehehe*


carin davis said...

I can't wait!!!!!!!

Blanck said...

Barry Manilow would put a feather in his hat and marry Lola. I don't think you should do the same.
When in doubt say out loud "IV REAL" done with a nodding head and four fingers spread proudly across your shoulder in chicken wing position. YEAH!!!

Megan said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!

this makes me miss the good ol' modeling days! wowee! love the colors, clothing and "poses" :) from all the sweet girlies!

someday you'll be ready to jump back in - just take your time sweets! :)

Jess said...

I love the green door and that blue wall. Ummm but I love color.