Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missing You....

This week is the first week that G is going to school all day. I have suffered over this (just ask anybody I blah blah blahed to about it over the last few months). I wasn't ready for her to go...I'm still not. Time is flying by so fast and no matter how hard I try to grab it and wrestle it to the ground forcing it to stop, it won't. She just keeps growing....getting smarter and funnier and more incredible.
I can't believe I have a seven year old, how did that happen?
Well, I guess I know how it happened!!
I know that Little One misses her too. Today she heard the sounds of kids on the street outside and ran to her window. She thought maybe her sister was coming home..."not yet" I tell her "not for a few more hours."
It seems so weird without her crazy laughter in the house all day. It seems weird to not run into her in all the usual places as the day ticks hear her playing petshop in her room or coming out to tell me one of her jokes where the punch line never quite makes sense!
When she came home today Little One couldn't keep her hands off of her.
We were sitting in the yard, where I was trying to figure out how to use my old camera again while my beloved 30D is in the repair shop.
I could hardly pry them apart long enough to take any pictures so I just started snapping away at what I could get.
Makes me wish I had one too :)


Annemarie said...

Man...she has GOT to stop growing up!!! STOP, I say!!
You have many sistas, and I'm proud to call myself one ;)!!
Beautiful pictures, as always!!

Nessa said...

Me too...both on the kid thing and the sister thing. But you will always be my sister in many many ways...:)

Lindz said...

You are such a nice Mom!! Your girl's are just so dang cute!

ps - I'm with Annemarie...I hope I am one too!

Blanck said...

G and muppy are two of my very most favorite people in the world, ranking right behind their mother. I know where they get that lovey dovey can't stop hugging each other from. BK and Q!
love you pookey. I am your sista from anotha motha. You got the looks I got the brains. :)

Megan said...

awwww! we are going through withdrawls over here too without a playmate all day. Just boring ol' mom! LOL